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CT scans with IV contrast and Adverse Renal Outcomes

Jul 31, 2016   |   admin

Congratulations to Drs. Heller, Krieger, Finefrock, Nguyen, and Akhtar for publishing this important study on CT scans in the ED with IV contrast and the association with adverse renal outcomes. Heller M, Krieger P, Finefrock D, et al. Contrast CT Scans in the Emergency Department Do Not Increase Risk of Adverse Renal Outcomes. Western Journal […]

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NY ACEP 2016

Jul 19, 2016   |   admin

MSBI was at NY ACEP 2016, and our very own program director Dr. Akhtar was recognized by NY ACEP Board of Directors Dr. Chris Raio for her dedication to medical education.  She received the prestigious “NY ACEP Advancing Emergency Care” Award.  Congratulations to Dr. Akhtar!! Dr. Akhtar with Dr. Dwiggins, Dr. She, and MSBI Alumni […]

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7th Annual ISMMS Consortium Research Day

Jun 7, 2016   |   Calvin Kong

MSBI EM Residents did a wonderful job presenting all the MSBI EM abstracts at the 7th Annual ISMMS Consortium Research Day on June 3, 2016!   1. Multiple Previous Visits (MPV) Program: Effectiveness of a Patient-Centered Coordinated Care Team on Decreasing Frequent User Visits. Maritza Aitken, Justin Tsai, Maya Genovesi, Saadia Akhtar, Christine Preblick, Shari Weisburd, […]

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May 21, 2016   |   Calvin Kong

Written by Padden Glocka Edited by Calvin Kong   The electronic cigarette was invented in 2003 (1), introduced to the world in 2004, and has since exploded in popularity (2). The electronic cigarette, or ‘e-cig’, uses a battery-powered atomizer that vaporizes a solution of nicotine, glycerol and various flavor additives that users inhale to deliver […]

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SAEM 2016

May 17, 2016   |   Calvin Kong

The smoke has cleared from SAEM 2016 and MSBI was there to represent. Our MSBI EM Residency Team, “You Aint Nothing But a Sound Dog”, did a great job at the SAEM 2016 Sono Games.     Thank you to Youyou Duanmu, Hyunjoo (Juju) Lee and Terry Li.   A big thanks to Dr. Nicole Kaban for […]

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Mount Sinai Beth Israel International Potluck

Apr 28, 2016   |   Calvin Kong

Every year, MSBI Emergency Medicine Residency celebrates our diversity with a delicious potluck.   There were a variety of dishes that represented the many different cultures of our residency.   Overall it was a very tasty was to end conference!            

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Top 10 Advice For Emergency Medicine Interns – Lessons I Learned From My First Year

Apr 16, 2016   |   admin

Top 10 Advice For Emergency Medicine Interns – Lessons I Learned From My First Year By Justin Tsai PGY-2     ABCs – The cornerstone of EM. The first of the Ten Commandments of EM published in 1991.  We hear it all the time but can often lose sight of them in stressful or complicated […]

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Congratulations to the new Chief Residents!

Mar 30, 2016   |   Calvin Kong

We are very pleased to announce the Chief Residents for the MSBI Emergency Medicine Residency Program for the upcoming academic year (2016-2017):     Diane Cristales, MD- Recruitment/Administrative Chief Resident     Hyunjoo (Juju) Lee, MD- Academic Chief Resident     Terry Li, MD- Social Media/Administrative Chief Resident     Cameron Sweeney, MD- Scheduling Chief Resident […]

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Resident Wellness!

Feb 5, 2016   |   Calvin Kong

The residency sponsored a Residency Wellness Day to thank every resident for their hard work in the ED and to have a good time. Since it is has been an unseasonably warm winter so far the ski trip was canceled but we were still able to have some fun! The residency went to Dave and […]

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IPRED IV Conference

Jan 18, 2016   |   Calvin Kong

We are all back from Tel Aviv, Israel after an amazing disaster conference. Doctors Calvin Kong, Nadia Baranchuk, Mandy Chan were able to present their research of Ebola preparation.     The conference spanned 3 days and various keynote speakers gave enlightening lectures on their experiences in disaster response and preparation. Speakers included Rear Admiral […]

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International Preparedness and Response to Emergencies and Disaster IV

Jan 12, 2016   |   Calvin Kong

IPRED IV is currently underway in Tel Aviv Israel. A full post will follow shortly but for now, we are going to enjoy Israel and all of the sights and sounds! Congratulations to Dr. Nadia Baranchuk and Dr. Calvin Kong for their amazing presentations at IPRED!

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Radiation Exposures 101

Dec 21, 2015   |   Calvin Kong

You are working in your quiet community ER when the disaster sirens sound off. You quickly turn on the TV to find that there has been an accident at the nuclear power plant. Your notification phone rings and there are reports of multiple causalities en route to your ED. You activate your local disaster response algorithm […]

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Fellowship Announcements

Nov 25, 2015   |   Calvin Kong

A HUGE congratulations to:   Nadia Baranchuk, MD Ultrasound Fellowship Mount Sinai St. Lukes/Mount Sinai West- Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai   Youyou Duanmu, MD Ultrasound Fellowship- 2 year program with Masters Degree Brigham and Women’s Hospital- Harvard Medical School   Calvin Kong, MD EMS and Disaster Fellowship- with option for Masters Degree […]

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Trauma Sim Day!

Nov 13, 2015   |   Calvin Kong

                  11/11/15 We had our annual trauma simulation day. We additionally participated in a simulated disaster event with a “dirty” bomb. Thank you to all the attendings and EMS that came and made this happen. This was a great learning experience and a fun time!      

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NYC Marathon 2015

Nov 2, 2015   |   Calvin Kong

Every year Mount Sinai Beth Israel residents, attendings, nurses, physician assistants, and other healthcare providers volunteer to staff TCS New York City Marathon.     Thanks to those that have volunteered!    

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ACEP 2015

Nov 1, 2015   |   Calvin Kong

New York ACEP 2015 was in Boston MA. The PGY-3 class was able to make out to Boston ACEP for all of its education and employment opportunities. We had a great time!

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Mount Sinai Beth Israel Day of Community Service

Sep 28, 2015   |   Calvin Kong

Mount Sinai Beth Israel joined Meals on Wheels, on September 19 and 24 2015 to help distribute food to those that are in need.     Residents volunteers at the Carter Burden Center to deliver lunches to the home bound elderly on the Upper East Side. Thanks to Julienne Ball, Mandy Chan, May Choi, Youyou […]

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First times!

Aug 14, 2015   |   Calvin Kong

Check out NPR coverage of one of our new interns. Dr. Avir Mitra!

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Ketamine For Fun

Aug 12, 2015   |   Calvin Kong

35 yo M BIBEMS unknown pmhx found sleeping on the ground. He has no AOB and is responsive to sternal rub. His FS is normal. After a quick initial survey, he is protecting his airway and there are no signs of trauma. EMS states there was a large rave going on several blocks down. You notice […]

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Web Resources

Aug 6, 2015   |   Calvin Kong

WEB Resources   GoogleFOAM   Critical Care + Podcast Crtical Care Horizons MarylandCCProject Critical Care Reviews Resus.Me   Content WikEM EMBasic  + Podcast academiclifeinem EM:RAP + PodCast R.E.B.E.L EM The Sharp End Skeptics Guide to EM   EKGs Amal Mattu’s EKG Blog Dr. Smiths EM Calculators   […]

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Blast injury management

Aug 5, 2015   |   Calvin Kong

It is a quiet afternoon in the Emergency Department. However, as you get settled as the only attending on shift the notification phone rings. Your nurse informs you that there has been an explosion nearby and they are bringing in multiple patients.   Explosion Basics 1   High order explosives: produce supersonic pressurization shock waves […]

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Shock Resistant Unstable Afib

Jul 31, 2015   |   Calvin Kong

64 yo F hx of HTN HLD DM presenting with palpitations, weakness, and shortness of breath. She states that symptoms started last night and has been constant. Her triage vitals are 70/50 bp HR of 170 bp RR 25. You move her to your resuscitation area and establish IV O2 and monitor. She is still […]

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New Twitter

Jul 24, 2015   |   Calvin Kong

Follow Mount Sinai Beth Israel Emergency Residency Program at @MSbethisraelEM

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White Coat Ceremony

Jul 22, 2015   |   Calvin Kong

Congratulations to the Class of 2018!

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Spice up your life!

Jul 20, 2015   |   Calvin Kong

24 yo M presenting with AMS found in an abandoned building after police were called to a disturbance. Patient is obtunded with normal pupils and awakens to vigorous sternal rub. States “me smoked something with his friends”. Finger stick is normal and there are no signs of trauma.   34 yo F presenting in police […]

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2015 Beach Day!

Jul 9, 2015   |   Calvin Kong

We welcome the new intern class and sunburns with a day at the beach! Special thanks to Dr. Paul Krieger for opening up his Fire Island resort to the residency!            

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Welcome Class of 2018!!

Jul 1, 2015   |   Calvin Kong

Its that time of year again. The new intern class has started their first day of orientation. We welcome you to the family!

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Graduation 2015

Jun 23, 2015   |   Calvin Kong

Congratulations to all the graduates of the Class of 2015! It was a wonderful night to remember.    If you missed the slide, show here it is! To the Class of 2015- we wish you success and all the best as you embark on the next stage of your career. Thank you for everything that […]

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Faculty/Resident Retreat

Jun 12, 2015   |   Calvin Kong

June 10th residents and faculty got to together to try to improve our program. Its was a great day in central park!          

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Airway Day!

May 28, 2015   |   Calvin Kong

Great day filled with learning and procedures. Thank you to our great attendings, Dr. Nguyen, Dr. Preblick, Dr. Bang, Dr. Goertz, Dr. Roberts, Dr. Kaban, and Dr. Krieger for coming out and helping to teach us!     

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SAEM 2015

May 26, 2015   |   Calvin Kong

Great group at SAEM 2015 in San Diego. Three posters were presented! Dr. JuJu Lee presented “Emergency Department Patients- Who is Going to Fall?”, Dr.  Nicole Yuzuk  presented “Interdisciplinary Bedside Rounds: Does a Bedside, Team-Based Approach Improve Patient Perception of Communication?”, and Dr. Kelly Tong presented “Synthetic Marijuana: What do EM Practitioners Know About K2?”.      Congratulations to […]

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May 5, 2015   |   Calvin Kong

Committee of Residency Directors Academic Assembly at Phoenix Arizona. Great experience! Here are some pictures from the conference!

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The Blog is ALIVE

May 5, 2015   |   Calvin Kong

Thanks Dan for all your hard work!





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